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Testimonials : Hear what our clients have to say 

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'Having Mia as a trainer has been fun, challenging, and hard work! When I first started seeing Mia my fitness levels were quite low, and I wasn't feeling confident with the way I looked or felt. After just a couple of weeks of training, I started to notice a difference in the way I felt, my motivation levels had increased and I was feeling stronger. All of our workouts have been different and unique, and I've never felt bored, which for me is very important - I like to mix things up in order to maintain motivation. I would definitely recommend Mia if you are looking for a trainer who is friendly, knowledgeable, and who pushes you to reach your potential'

Natalie N, 29 

Mia has been my personal trainer for some months. She worked with me before a total knee replacement to make sure that the muscle strength and flexibility was as good as it could be before the operation and we have now resumed our sessions after the op. Mia has a wonderful knowledge of the body, and she knows just how far to push the body so that there is continuous improvement, yet remaining doable and safe. Add to her strong knowledge base a marvellous and motivating personality and you'll find that you look forward to Mia's sessions with eager anticipation. She is a good person who listens sympathetically to her clients' concerns and designs a series of bespoke exercises that are sure to make the relationship between the client and the body they inhabit a stronger, healthier and more confident one. 

Clive G, 76

It’s always difficult to find the enthusiasm to train when you first decide to take that leap, having a friend train with you always helps with confidence and nerves. When I contacted Mia and asked if it would be possible to train two of us together she couldn’t have been happier and more supportive. Charlotte and I would find times that worked for us and Mia, evenings were never too late and Mia always made time to fit us in. The sessions were tough, yet fun and full of energy. Mia supported us both outside of the sessions too, giving us training programmes, tips and nutritional information. She was always just a WhatsApp away! Charlotte and I started seeing differences in our bodies and power after a couple of weeks training with Mia. What a great little training Trio! Thank you Mia for being you and helping  us to train better and train harder

Chloe C, 31 and Charlotte W, 30

I've never been into the idea of a personal trainer before but Mia's sessions were not what I expected! I really enjoyed them & felt immediate benefit. She is flexible about timing but also reliable. I felt totally safe with her as she built a holistic picture of my lifestyle & background & worked the programme around that. Her experience really shone through. It made a big difference to my stress levels & my physical health during a very challenging time.

Kerri N, 36

Mia's fantastic knowledge, attitude and incredible bubbly personality made her a pleasure to train with.  I came to Mia with the goal of toning up and dropping body fat. Having previously done lots of weigh training I needed a change.  Mia got me doing some high intensity sessions which had great results.  She is so upbeat, loves a high five and always brings a unique workout to a session.  Mia is without a doubt the best personal trainer that I have ever had and I have absolutely no doubts in recommending her.

Lulu P, 30

I rarely exercise and have always found the idea of a personal trainer slightly scary, but Mia was recommended by a friend so I thought I’d try one session. I’m so happy I did because I absolutely LOVED it! Mia has so much fun energy which just made the class really enjoyable. She put in a lot of extra time listening to my goals, giving me homework exercises to do, and was also very flexible taking the time to travel to different locations to suit my schedule. After just a few weeks I can already feel the benefits of her training, as even though I only do one session a week, she’s taught me how to train at home using everything from stairs to a chair! Definitely recommend and look forward to the next one…

Georgina I, 29

Mia has a wonderfully uplifting manner about her, and always ensures her [coaching/training] sessions are not only fun but also pushes us to do the best we can. She always shows me something new, which keeps me motivated and engaged in my workout sessions week on week. Without her encouragement, I would not have seen the progress I have so far.

Erika M, 32