Benefits of Outdoor Training 

Training outside is a great way of getting in shape and increasing a positive mind set. Think you need a sweaty gym full of machines to get the results you require? Wrong my lovely new friend! 

Whilst I enjoy a workout indoors as well and it is good to mix it up there is no one way of getting in shape and let me tell you this - outdoors is challenging, refreshing and a huge booster to the concrete jungle we live in. 

I adore training around one of the many hidden parks in East London. I come to you so you are able to get some fresh air some (occassional Vitamin D when good ol' mrs sunshine shows herself) and most importantly get you in shape, get you fit and get you happier without it eating hours of travel or free time in order for you to achieve it!No excuses, I am coming for you and making it easy! Lets look at some key benefits.

  • Feeling revitalised, energised and decreases anger

  • Restoring mental fatigue, self esteem and helps decrease symptoms of stress, anxiety and depression

  • You will work harder without it being obvious-you are in a natural environment and regulating your temperature and oxygen levels naturally. Functioning optimally you will burn more energy via wind resistance and temperature regulation.

  • Release of tension and confusion and feelings of satisfaction - meaning you are more likely to adopt exercise as part of your lifestyle rather than a chore.

  • Boosting your immune system  in a natural environment and absorbing much needed vitamin D

  • Constantly  changing environment meaning you are not going to repeat the same movement pattern-allowing less chance of injury and over use when compared to gym machines

  • Greater connection - being local it not only means you can form some friendly connections with fellow neighbours or colleagues, you will gain confidence to do so and can make going outside more connective - bring your dog, your baby, friend or foe (if you need some healthy competition)  and start engaging in real life. Putting that phone or laptop down for an hour is sometimes crucial to helping you recharge and feel mentally better, add in some exercise and bob's your uncle!