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Boxing Training 

  • Huge stress buster and improving feelings of mental anxiety and depression

  • It will get you stronger faster and improve your overall body composition

  • It is accessible and portable!

Book now for a session and feel the benefits immediately. MiWi Personal training also offers group boxing training - so if you have a friend or foe bring them along and get the party started!

Boxing Training is a great way to have fun and endure a challenging workout. It is possible to train almost anywhere - grab some pads and gloves and see the sweat pour and the stress disappear! I adore this style of training, it drives focus and discipline and it will get you in to tip top condition, not to mention adding spice to any workout and it can be modified towards your own goals. You don't have to get in a ring to feel the benefits of boxing.

  • Its a total body workout - engaging almost every muscle with emphasis on the shoulders and core.

  • Its an enhanced cardiovascular workout torching a high number of calories and,encouraging a heavier breathing pattern - protecting your heart from disease and promoting weight loss or maintenance.

  • Not extremely high impact on the joints (perfect if you have knee troubles or trouble getting in other standard forms of cardio such as running)

  • Improved Hand eye coordination and improved confidence in your own abilities