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Posterior Chain Development

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Whether it's the quest for the most instagrammable booty or filling out those jeans with a bit more junk in that trunk - there are other serious health benefits to developing your posterior chain. At MiWi we take pride in developing not only aesthetically in this area but also functionally. Your posterior chain is also your back, shoulders, glutes, hamstrings and calves and is very important!

The 'powerhouse' of the human body - the posterior chain is the strongest system of the body and is designed to keep you upright and stable. Due to modern day habits of being sedentary and sitting more at desks or in cars , now more than ever people are being diagnosed with back pain (especially  lower), knee problems,  postural imbalances, hunched shoulders, tight hips, hamstrings and general weakness - all of which can affect you emotionally not only physically. 

1. improving your posterior chain means improving your spine and back health. You can learn how to hip hinge, therefore loading up the glutes and hamstrings effectively to take the strain meaning a happy and pain free lumbar (not to mention saving on physio treatments!)

2. You can effectively lift heavy things from the ground and fully understand the term 'lift from your legs (or butt).

3. Injury prevention - as mentioned above now our lower back is happier and more supported that we have developed a strong and shapely bottom, two birds with one stone and so is our knees. By activating the glutes we can improve on valgus knees (knees collapsing in) which is the most common way of causing knee injury. A life of a keyboard warrior is not only a sleepy job mentally it also puts our glutes and hamstrings to sleep too, making our quads on constant night watch. Developing the posterior combats an array of issues the modern day has kindly gifted us with.

4. A strong back  = a strong you. Being athletic, strong and developing strong movement patterns can be widely credited to the posterior chain development. Whilst you still need to train your anterior most people neglect what they cant see (i.e their back) As a Personal trainer I want to help give you the knowledge to be pain free foremost, happier, stronger and more capable in this race we call life. For more info about this speciality training please get in touch! I have all the time for booty gains!