Bodyweight Training


You do not need to be lifting iron weights all the time nor be in a gym setting at all for that matter, to be able to achieve incredible strength, muscle mass and high fitness levels. Bodyweight training is the most simple , yet most challenging field to master. Not only can it be less harsh on your joints, it allows for a more natural range of motion and effectively improves your overall athleticism.


I always prove to you what your body can do, setting inspiring goals and helping you smash through challenge moves you never even knew you wanted to do! Strength plateaus in your mind and body can be breached using you and only you! By using your own body mass as resistance you are unable to drop the dumbells down to a lighter weight like you can in a gym, therefore making you work to your full capabilities in your workouts and carry yourself with total body awareness, function and overall strength. 

Body weight training can be done and is accessible any where in the world and it can get inventive and interesting keeping you quite literally on your toes!


TRX Training

Trx means Total Resistance Exercise and was developed by a US navy seal, which uses suspension and bodyweight as part of its programme. The TRX is a great piece of equipment to learn new ways of working out in home and on location and is versatile with its range of capabilities in benefiting your body. I am fully equipped in this piece of equipment and use it regularly in sessions. TRX is a strength AND cardiovascular workout. It enhances bodyweight training by allowing you to improve flexibility, coordination and core dynamics. The TRX produces effective total body workouts  and improves functionality whilst preventing injuries by working groups of muscles together and did I mention it offers a fantastic stretching aid (but only at the end, we got to get through the workout first!)