Mobile  Personal Training takes out the struggle and effort of trying to fit in exercise around your schedule - I come to you and make the idea of exercise easier on your schedule whilst simultaneously challenging you at the same time (hows that for convenient magic!) I cycle around East London on my bicycle keeping you all fit and Healthy. As a mobile Personal Trainer I have everything you need - I just need you!

If you work remotely and have a lunch break I can make a call to you whenever suits you best and we can bash out a session - this can be changing every week depending on your work commitments. If you are at home with the kids and its nap time - but you don't want to nap - never fear MiWi is here to blast out a much needed stress busting, re-energiser hour. I can come to your office, your local park, house or school. Mobile Personal Training also offers a more personalised and private workout plan, it removes the eyes of intimidating gym onlookers and makes sure my sole attention is on you for the full hour - no-one asking how many sets  left here! *eye roll*.

I aim to be as flexible as possible in times and location, so you don't miss out on getting great fitness results and feeling in amazing shape.






  1. With each personal training session I will asses your fitness levels and  I will identify and look at correcting any weaknesses you may have and strengthen areas of focus.

  2. Alongside Personal training I will offer you a fully comprehensive set of workout programmes to practice, learn and improve on independently - which will benefit you in our sessions  - all of which will fit in to your current lifestyle and will be doable anywhere with or without equipment. I will show you how to use everyday objects to get an affective workout in and allow you to build the knowledge of how to be a portable gym.

  3. I will meticulously monitor progression so that we are keeping track of your successes and getting the optimum results.  I can offer an accountable support for nutrition and diet and provide advice and tips on goals to do with making better eating choices. I currently practice a Vegan diet, coming from a 'macro-meat eating-scared of carbs' diet - on all accounts I have been there, done that and nothing anybody shows me with regards to eating habits can shock (if it does I shall give you a free PT)

  4. I have an unlimited support for you via email and will be always reachable to answer questions or offer a supportive ear.

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