Top 5 cost & space effective equipment for at home and travel workouts

My top 5 pieces that you can effectively use at home, on the move and that won't break the bank or your back!

1. Glute resistant bands - my ultimate favourite of all time. These bad boys can be folded up in your pocket, down the side pocket or even tied on to the sides of bags/clothing. Really recommend taking these on holiday, not only will they give your peach a nice pump before the you don the bikini but they are extremely useful for helping your back ache from that terrible plane seat and getting you ready for all those sunny site seeing treks.

2. Long resistant band - whether it be with handles or looped, I love these guys. Just like the glute bands they don't take up much space and are so effective for leg, arm and core exercises. Endless possibilities for these guys, that extra length allows more versatility to wrap around doors and balconies.

3. Sliders - these can also be home made with any towel or anything that slides. These secret task masters are so fun (and hard) and make your workout one hell of a challenge. Great for that core and arm workout but so intense on those shapely legs. These are low impact and can be used for cardio blasts when you need to be quiet.

4. Pilates ball - easily deflatable it can squash right up and be easily tucked in to your bag. I love this piece as we all know how that back likes to ache and that tum loves to bloat on us when we need it the least, i find this the most restorative piece of equipment that you can own. Not only does it support your lower back whilst performing core work, it can aid with those tricky to reach areas such as inner thighs. Floor work is very effective and easier to get motivated to complete.

5. Skipping rope - cheap and cheerful childhood fave, it is the greatest tool you can use to get that heart rate up and those beads dripping. Low impact on knees and super effective you can do circuits or long and steady cardio in the hotel room/living room/garden or balcony. Skipping can equate to the same if not more of a calorie burn than running and will save you on time and orientation skills.

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