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MiWi mobile personal training

From Athlete to beginner - any shape, size or ability.

Mobile personal training - Indoor or Outdoor sessions I come to you - bring your dog, baby and friend there are no excuses for not taking charge and investing in your health and well being.


With nearly a decade of intense personal training experience and a lifetime of practicing balance and well being I am passionate about the inclusion of all for exercise. I am sick of online cowboys dilluding people with the eye candy of six packs and the promise of a perfect booty-short derrier -  I aim to set about achievable standards which can be managed maintained and not leave you crying in to your calorie counter app. I want to see long lasting results that can be seen immediately and have  longevity, so that you aren't trapped in a yo-yo.


Modern day habits have caused us an endless list of mobility and emotional imbalances and I believe through hollistic lifestyle choices and exercise these can be corrected and not only your physical appearance, but functional appearance can be enhanced. Whether you are a slave to the keyboard or ordered a few too many uber eats and are struggling to feel comfy in that wardrobe - or are recovering from illness, operations or are maintaining a health condition moving your body is meant for every body!



Specialising in:

  • Functional movement patterns

  • Resistant bands /body weight fitness

  • Kettlebells

  • Weightlifting and Strength training 

  • TRX

  • Boxing Training

  • Posterior chain development 

  • Postural correction

  • HIIT and Endurance

  • Athletic/ Sport performance

  • Muscle Gain 

  • Fat Reduction

  • Flexibility and Mobility

  • Knee and Back injury prevention 

  • Mental wellbeing 





I work on results and can approach each personal session with individual attention to detail to get maximum success - all with - dare I say - a few grins along the way.

I have had the wonderful pleasure of helping people with Hip and knee replacements, postural imbalances, scoliosis, sciatica, diabetes, metabolic damage, obesisty, stress, depression and anxiety to name a few progress on their fitness journey that has enabled them to flourish in to happier and stronger beings.


I have a strong passion for female health and fitness and specialise in female personal training. I believe it time to end some of the stigmas around female fitness and gain knowledge and understanding of your own body - to see, feel change and gain not only strength but acceptance within your own body and capabilities.

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Ultra specialised Pre and Post Natal


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